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Historical Newfoundland and Labrador Forestry Photos

Forestry Crew Sleeping Tents, NWR

Forestry Crew Sleeping Tents, NWR c 1960

Lomond, Newfoundland circa 1920's

Lomond, Newfoundland circa 1920's. This picture of Lomond, Newfoundland was probably taken in the 1920's. It was on a postcard. At this time Lomond was a thriving lumber town.

First CIF Field Trip in Newfoundland & Labrador

First CIF Field Trip in Newfoundland & Labrador. L>R: E Ralph, F Budgell, N Williams, ?, R Sheppard, M Vardy,H Deichmann, F. Hayward, D Nichols, W Johnston, R Forward, W Dickson, ?, D Nickerson, R Ellis, H Johnson, E Cumby. Photo by Bob van Nostrand, Section Secretary. The meeting was held in the Badger area on Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company Limits.

Forest fires have long been a part of the ecology of Newofundland and Labrador. Below are a few operational pictures of the Forest Service.

In 1964, there was a major outbreak of lightening-caused forest fires in the vicinity of Esker in Western Labrador. The Newfoundland Forest Srevice spent about a month during July and August fighting these fires. Above, a Forest Service Canso Water bomber lifts off from a Labrador lake with a load to drop on a fire.

Canso NWY at Esker Basee, 1964

Forest Service Canso CF OFI at Esker Base, 1964.

Rangers Garland

Forest Ranger Gerry Garland and (?) from the Island take a break while fighting fires near Esker.

Earl Parsons with Caribou Gander, 1963. The Forest Service did other things besides fight fires. Here Ranger Earl Parsons cares for young Caribou at Deadman's Pond, Gander. This was part of a cooperative program with the Wildlife Service to establish herds on offshore Islands like Merasheen and Fogo.

Unloading Caribou at Deadmand Pond

Unloading Caribou at Deadmand Pond

Honour Guard

Honour Guard

Above: Ceremonies were held By the Provincial Government in 1965 to mark the completion of the Trans- Canada Highway in Newfoundland. The Forest and Wildlife Services provided an Honour Guard for the ceremonies at Pearson’s Peak near Grand Falls and at St. George’s.

Front Row: G Green, G Davis, H Short, F Morrisey, J Munro, R Carroll

Back Row: C Ryall, W Munden, H Goodland, B Jackson, B Porter, C Laing

Missing is W. Whiffen who took the picture.

Newfoundland Forest Service Staff meeting, Gander, 1965/66

Newfoundland Forest Service Staff meeting, Gander, 1965/66

Center, Secretary, Joan Coleman; on her right, J. Doyle, Chief Ranger. On her Left, S. Peters, Deputy Minister, and E.B. Ralph, Chief Forester. Staff were from all parts of the Island and Labrador.

CIF Field Trip to Upper Salmon Development, Central Newfoundland, June, 1981

Above: The Canadian Institute of Forestry has been active in Newfoundland and Labrador since 1956. Here are a few pictures from annual field trips to acquaint members with forestry developments in the province..

L>R: Eric Salter, B. Tulk, G. Carr, Ed Blackmore, Harvey Taylor, Bob van Nostrand, Bill Fury, Hugh Schooley, John Hudak, Al Cook, John Munro, Bery Anstey, ?,Driver.

Bob Van fording Noel Paul, 1974
CIF Field Trip, North Pond, 1982

CIF Field Trip, North Pond, 1982

Above: Group of Foresters at the Canadian Institute of Forestry Field Trip at the CFS North Pond Experimental Area, Central Newfoundland. 1982

Forest Service Group FS Lewisport 1963

Forest Service Group FS Lewisport 1963

Above: J Stead, J Munro, R Rolfe, E Hancock, H Starkes, G Collins, J Foley J Carpenter, A Fudge, A Kelley at Lewisport, NL 1963, on the retirement of Mr. Jack Carperter as Regional Ranger for the Nfld. Forest Service for Central Newfoundland.

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