Posted by: John Munro | November 20, 2010

The Munros of Glenwood Family History

I have finished (I think!) the Family History of the Munros of Glenwood, Newfoundland. I have printed about 40 copies and distributed some free to family members who have helped with the research, and also to various Libraries and Clan Munro Associations. Copies are available to others to purchase for $25.00 Canadian plus shipping. The book has 70 pages of text and quite a few pictures, and includes genealogy charts. It deals with the pioneer family of Alexander Munro of Prince Edward Island (who moved to Newfoundland about 1891) and Julia Pelley of Black Island, Notre Dame Bay in Newfoundland. It was prepared mainly for the information of family members, but if anyone else is interested in getting a hard copy, you can contact me at:

Also, you can download an electronic PDF version here:

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