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Historical Newfoundland and Labrador Forestry Photos

Forestry Crew Sleeping Tents, NWR

Forestry Crew Sleeping Tents, NWR c 1960

Lomond, Newfoundland circa 1920's

Lomond, Newfoundland circa 1920's. This picture of Lomond, Newfoundland was probably taken in the 1920's. It was on a postcard. At this time Lomond was a thriving lumber town.

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Aspen regeneration on burnt over site

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The Moons of Jupiter

The Moons of Jupiter

The moons of Jupiter
Callisto, Ganymede, Europa, Io
Girdling their planet
All in a line
A bachian string quartet
In the eastern night
Playing their baroque
To the universe
While red Mars listens
In the south
The space scene is
Bathed in the glow
Of Earth moon beams
Dancing on the waters
Of Clode Sound

John Munro
September 18, 1997

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Platter’s Beach

Facing northwest in unison
a congregation of seagulls perch on a rock
their images pitted by raindrops
on the mirror surface
off Platters Beach

Farther out,
something black breaks the water-
a whale perhaps

An eagle
flaps and glides, flaps and glides
in the still air
searching the Sound.
The gulls lift off and circle
then regroup on the rock
when he’s gone

The rain slacks off
We toss dregs of coffee
stow our gear
and push off in the Eider
to home

John Munro

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“Can you lie down with me for a little while?”
He feels my presence on the bed, then
His small hand explors my face-
Seeking reassurance

The clock is too far away
Can’t tell the time with these old eyes
I listen to the tic, tic, tic
As the battery slowly dies

A squirrel chatters on a branch
An eighteen wheeler hums on the TCH
A sparrow is singing in the dusk –
Alex’s breath is steady in my ear

I watch his closing eyes
Study the lines of his innocent face
I’ll stay with him for a little while-
Seeking reassurance

John Munro

Posted by: John Munro | May 2, 2010

The Caribou in the Room

By John Munro

In the early 1960’s I was working as a Forester for the Newfoundland Forest Service (later the Newfoundland and Labrador Forest Service). I had just graduated from the University from New Brunswick in the spring of 1961 and was new on the job, with a lot to learn. My learning started in earnest with the onset in June of one of the worst forest fire years in the history of the Island of Newfoundland. We fought fires in various parts of the Island all summer and well into the fall. That winter we were involved in assessing the damage and preparing for next year.

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Avalon Peninsula Canoe Trip 1962

In April, 1962 five of us took a four day canoe trip across the Avalon Penninsula, starting from Brigus Junction and coming out at Colinet. In the group were Al Brennan, Joe Lowe, Bill Whiffen, Dave Quinton and John Munro. We paddled, portaged and walked our canoes over the beautiful Avalon lakes, rivers and trails . We enjoyed warm spring weather for the first 3 days, but the last day it was raining and windy. We were wet, cold and tired after running the Colinet river that last day.

Most of these photos were taken by Joe Lowe, who was Director of Forest INventory with the Newfoundland Forest Service in the 1960’s

Avalon Trip, 1962

Avalon Trip, 1962

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Posted by: John Munro | March 14, 2010

Burtons Pond

Burtons Pond

(for Lorraine on Valentines Day)

we stayed behind that night
after the other skaters had left
and wrote some lines and circles in the snow
then we rubbed noses
and you kissed me
with snow drops on your face

now when I pass a winter pond
I smile,
remembering that early Burton’s kiss

John Munro
February 10, 2006

Posted by: John Munro | March 14, 2010

Song for Lorraine Munro by Jordan Munro (Grandson)

Nan, Nan, Nan
I want to be where you are
I want to be where you are

Nan, Nan, Nan,
I want you to be where I am
I want you to be where I am

Nan, Nan, Nan
Be everywhere!

Y-gung Y- gung Y-gung

Posted by: John Munro | March 14, 2010

Glimpses from my porch in summer

by Lorraine Munro ( at Port Blandford, Newfoundland)

White throated sparrow
cuts through the boreal silence
chanting for another

Wee rabbit appears
sniffs the alder shoots
unaware of me

Rustling shadows blend
where the dark wooded path begins
sunbeams dance through birches

Butterfly twins flit
through rugged stonewalled garden
in harmony

Red squirrel flies high
across tangled forest floor
a friend in persuit

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